Some Creations I'm Proud Of:

Hot off the presses!  I offer strategic consulting for foodtech brands with global visions. Focuses include e-commerce strategy, consumer segmentation and market analysis, international expansion and new market entry, price perfection, assortment strategy, and retailer pitch development.

Theobald alt protein consultancy

My podcast about making big food better.  From corporate sustainability to grassroots organizing, I tackle global food system change.  We live on one, earth across borders -- it's time we treated it as such.  Join me for season 2 this winter and dig into taking your climate conscious food business to new markets.

Big Food Big Future

Printing your dinner

This baby is an international best seller in its category!  My debut book Printing Your Dinner examines what biotech in food means for the market, the customer, the producer, and the climate.  Word on the street is there may even be a second edition coming soon. Inside, learn:  

  • What the suspicious death of investigative journalist Dorothy Kilgallen teaches us about the struggle between government control and technological advances
  • How the provocative ancient slaughter ritual of a small town in Spain can be extended to production of meat that was never alive
  • Why the isolation of a single cell can change the lives of millions 
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